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A China of Many Tongues-Singapore Hokkien Video

Posted by sclim June 30, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

This is hilarious: I grew up in Singapore and my Hokkien is so rusty I can barely keep up with the dialogue. But the subtitle providers are really culturally sensitive. The lady makes reference to the "Ang Mo", which in the English subtitle is translated as "Caucasians", and Chinese subtitle as "外國人". Putonghua wàiguórén.

Well "Ang Mo" is Hokkien short for "Ang Mo Kiu", 紅毛鬼, Red-Hair-Demon, which is the, you'd think, derogatory term we'd use in the olden days, even to their faces!!. I guess we still do!! (but to write down the words紅毛鬼 in full view would be too much!!?....er, better write外國人)


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