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Chinese characters: from brain to paper

Posted by gtmcclung July 26, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello ChinesePod community!

I'll take this opportunity in my first post to say hello - I'm George, a newbie learner, with a specific difficulty that I've encountered in my first few months of learning Chinese:

I have been doing very well in my reading and interpreting of the characters, but I find it very difficult to perform the opposite action, where I generate a novel phrase in my head and want to put it into characters. I won't necessarily have a difficult time thinking of what to say or how to say it, but instead I'll be thinking "I want to say 'shen2me', now how do I write it?" Generating both the image of the character of my head and translating it to strokes on the page is where I have a lot of difficulty.

Currently, I use flashcards that I've made to learn to recognize the characters, and to perform the opposite action I'll flip the cards over, see the pinyin and the meaning of the character I want to write, and then try and write it, but it's been the 'rate-limiting step' if you well of my chinese learning.

Hopefully I'm not repeating too much of what has been proposed in this group, but does anybody have any good techniques for this? Thanks in advance-

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