Say It Right Series

Greetings 问候 wènhòu

Posted by tanker286 September 16, 2011 in the Group General Discussion.

1.Hello.              你好。nǐ hǎo。                 
2.Hello.              您好。nín hǎo。                
3.Good morning.       早上好。zǎoshɑnɡ hǎo。         
4.Good evening.       晚上好。wǎn shɑnɡ hǎo。         
5.Good night.         晚安。wǎn ān。                 
6.Long time no see. 好久不见。hǎo jiǔ bú jiàn。
7.Nice to meet you. 认识你很高兴。rènshi nǐ hěn ɡāoxìnɡ。
8.How are you?        你好吗?nǐ hǎo mɑ?
9.Fine, thanks.       我很好,谢谢。wǒ hěn hǎo,xièxie。

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