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Radicals 31- 40 (7 of 30)

Posted by antony73 September 29, 2011 in the Group General Discussion.

bāo 'wrap'

笔画 (bǐ huà): 撇 横 折 弯 钩 (héng zhé wān gōu)

Strokes: 2

Example:  (bāohán) to contain, to embody, to include

bǐ 'ladle'


笔画 (bǐ huà): 撇 竖 弯 钩 (piě shù wān gōu)

Strokes 2

Example:  (lánkuāng) basket

匕 is a picture of a ladle, spoon.

fāng 'right open box'

笔画 (bǐ huà): 横折折 (héng zhé zhé)

Strokes: 2

Example: 匪 (fěi) bandit, robber

xǐ 'cover or conceal' (some sources use the 4th tone xì)

笔画 (bǐ huà): 横 折 折

Strokes: 2

Example: 医 (yī) medicine

shí 'ten'

笔画 (bǐ huà): 横竖

Strokes: 2

Example: 千 (qiān) thousand

bō 'divination'

笔画 (bǐ huà): 竖 点 (shù diǎn)

Strokes: 2

Example: 占 (zhān)

jié 'seal'

笔画 (bǐ huà): 竖 横 折 弯 钩

Strokes: 2

Example: 卫 (wèi) to gaurd

hán 'cliff'

笔画 (bǐ huà): 横 撇

Strokes: 2

Example: 历 (lì) calendar

sī 'private'


笔画: 竖 折 点

Strokes: 2

Example: 县 (xiàn) county

yòu 'again'

笔画: 横 撇 捺 (捺 nà)

Strokes: 2

Example: 友 (friend) yǒu

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