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Say It Right Series

Word Review

Posted by antony73 September 29, 2011 in the Group General Discussion.

As it's been some time since I posted here, I thought I'd post a review of some key words.

笔画 (bǐ huà): stroke

笔画数 (bihuàshù): stroke count

部首 (bùshǒu): radical

汉字 (hànzì): Chinese character

偏旁 (piānpáng): A character component, making one have of the character. One half of a character is 部首, the other half is 偏旁. More on this at some other time.

The names of the different brush strokes:

撇 (piě) left-slanting downward brush stroke.

横 (héng) horizontal, accross

折 (zhé) to fold

弯 (wān) corner

钩 (gōu) hook stroke

竖 (shù) vertical

点 (diǎn) dot stroke

捺 (nà) right-falling stroke

提 (tí) to raise / upwards (lifting) stroke

斜 (xié) slant

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