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Posted by christian December 21, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello everyone!


I've been away from this site and the world for a while so i don't know if this topic has been recently covered. Sorry if it is, I hate to play the part of the guy who walks into a conversation and repeats what everyone has just said without knowing.


Lately I've had the impression I use the flashcards more than most other people on this site, but we may just be a silent majority. Anyhow, I think they could be a great tool if some adjustments were made to the interface. Here are a few suggestions:


1. Algorithms. It would be awesome if cards automatically became more or less frequent based on how often I got them right. 

 2. More information. When I click show, I am shown a definition, which sometimes misses the way meaning can change with context. How about including sample sentences like the ones on the expansions? Also, how about links to lessons with the word in question. Right now I look them up with the dictionary and search functions, but it would be  nice to have everything in one place.

3. Lesson suggester: do you think an algorithm which recommends lessons based on what you seem to be studying and struggling with might be feasible?  


Just a few suggestions. Hop in everybody! 

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