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Posted by ningmeng December 22, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I've got a question about conveniently reading Chinese online.  My friend installed this thing called StarDict on my computer, which has a really big online dictionary.  Now, everytime I need to know either the Chinese equilivent of an english word or vise-versa, all I've got to do is scroll over it and press shift.  Its nice, 'cept there isn't any pinyin, just characters.  


I'm perplexed, and I'll tell you why.  Now, it might just be that this is how StarDict goes, no pinyin, but I know that a few times I've been piddling around on the internet and some magical thing pops up that just starts telling me the characters and pinyin of an english word and the english and pinyin of characters.  Is this some sort of microsoft program, or a feature of the microsoft Asian character package I'm not aware of?


Point being, I'd like to scrolly and see pinyin.  I'm sure some of you savy ladies and gents out there have much better patience and tinkering skills than I do for this sort of stuff.  Any help?



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