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HELP! The website is not recognizing my subscription payment!

Posted by fanzhiyuan November 8, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .


I haven't had access to Chinesepod lessons for about a week now.  The website is blocking lesson content because it says I haven't yet made a payment.  According to the website, the last payment was made 10/03/11, although there was clearly a $29 Premium monthly subscription withdrawal made from my checking account on the 4th of November (according to my online bank statement).

I'm very upset because 1.) I'm losing out on my learning by not being able to practice Chinese via your wonderful lessons, 2.)  You've taken my money and not provided me any service, 3.) I haven't been able to reach a single service representative to rectify the situation after several calls over 2 days to your USA toll free number (It takes me directly to voice-mail on which I left an un-returned message), and 4.) My attempt to contact you through your "contact@chinesepod.com" failed, because that address automatically generated a failed Delivery Status Notification.

Please help!  I can't wait to resume my studies, and I hope I will be granted an extension to my subscription equal to the amount of days I've been denied access after having made a payment.

Thank you.


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