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Zhe4 ge4 shi2hou - what is it?

Posted by ok4rm November 27, 2011 in the Group Grammar Questions .


some time ago I learned shén me shí hou 什么时候 means "when?" in question.

I many QingWen podcasts I could hear Connie starting her explanation or comment with zhè gè shí hou 这个时候. But even knowing the context and listening to the English translation of what she said, I was unable to figure out what zhè gè shí hou 这个时候 actually means.

Is it something like "in this case", "when you say this it means..." or what does it actually mean? How can I use it?

Where could I find some lessons with more examples? Are there any other typical patterns composed of something + shí hou 时候 ?

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