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Posted by xio8 November 27, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

I hear this phrase alot, especially at work.  I'm curious if anyone has any cultural input to help me better understand this saying. 

Things like, 你又吃鸡肉炒面!?  你又喝牛奶! 你又在玩儿这个。。。

For example one time at lunch, I tried a new dish which i've never eaten before, and a collegue said to me, 你又吃这个.

I don't completly understand this phrase, it seems like my interlocutor is surprized that I seem to do the same thing everyday, I don't know if they are annoyed with me or what... haha.  I never know how to reply, sometimes I wanna say“...but...i've never eaten this before, how can it be that 我又吃”

or perhaps it like saying "oh you got chocolate? yum" even though you know your friend is eating chocolate flavored ice-cream, you still ask if they have chocolate flavor anyway.  To which they could reply, yep, its chocolate...  Could this 你又吃这个 phrase be similar in meaning?  How would you reply to this sentence?

anyone have any input on the usage of this phrase and what it means in this context?

Please share, thanks for reading

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