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Copying From PDF to Anki

Posted by meyer0095 November 28, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .


I am trying to copy the vocabulary at the end of each PDF of the dialogue/lesson into anki to make into flash cards.

Unfortunately whenever I copy either the pinyin or the characters out of the PDF, I get this in any program/browser/microsoft office/anki -

wˇo m´ıngbai nˇı de y`ısi.
I know what you mean.

wˇo b`u lˇıji ˇe nˇı de y`ısi.
I don’t understand what you mean.

I get squares in the browser, even wierder symbols in Anki.

Also the pinyin moves the tone into its own seperate space.

I can view characters with no issues and believe I have all the appropiate language packs.

Any idea how to fix this? Without this, making flashcards is significantly more time consuming and more of a pain.


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