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Friedberg - A Contest for Supremacy

Posted by xiaophil December 5, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

I just finished A Contest for Supremacy by Aaron Friedberg. I quite liked it. It does take the opinion that America and Western nations should prepare for the worst in regards to what role China will eventually pursue in East Asia, but unlike some other books that take a similar position, this one doesn't play on fears. Friedberg makes his case quite logically and dispassionately through facts.

As my wife is Chinese and my daughter is half Chinese, I hope Friedberg turns out to be quite wrong, but nevertheless, only fools don't try to look at all possibilities.

Next on my list:  The Private Life of Chairman Mao by Dr. Li Zhisui per RJ's suggestion. Bodawei and Jenny made some suggestions I hope to get around to too. I would like to hear any other suggestions any of you have!

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