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Posted by rossws December 8, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

I've been working on this written exercise for my course but really struggling, below is my attempt would others be able to critque and show me where I'm going wrong so I can improve! I've also got to write a sentence involving 把 but have been struggling with it!

In this essay I will write about Traditional British Dining Etiquette

首先, 英国人和中国人不喜欢一边吃一边走。那是美国人文化 。
Firstly, the British and Chinese people do not like to eat while walking. That is American culture. This behavior is more popular in China and the United Kingdom because of American Fast Food Restaurants.

When invited to a dinner, If you cannot eat a certain type of food or have some special needs, tell your host several days before the dinner party.

If you are a guest, it is polite to wait until your host starts eating or indicates you should do so. It shows consideration.

In the UK, the waiter will serve food from the left. At the table, pour drinks right. A plate of food will be passed to the left. You should not remove your jacket before the host.

Chinese and English in different ways to eat. British use of Russian-style method of eating, one main dish with multiple courses. The Chinese people use the French style of eating, where all the dishes are servered together, at the same time.

在中国,它是客气 出声地吃。这表明你正在享受的汤。这是英国对面。
I would like to write about soup. In China, it is polite to slerp while you eat. This indicates that you are enjoying the soup. This is opposite to the UK

When you have finished eating, and to let others know that you have, place your knife and folk together.

吃之前, 这是不礼貌的添加盐或胡椒
It is impolite to add salt or pepper before eating.

Thank you all!

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