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Third try: The Inofficial Grammar Index for Intermediate and UI (beta 0.1)

Posted by henning December 24, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

  • This list covers grammar points and related content from all Intermediate and Upper Intermediate lessons until December 23rd of 2007.
  • It only enlists points mentioned or discussed in the banter of the lessons.
  • This first version is still beta - please be forgiving...
  • Over time my understanding of what needs to be in this list slowly grew. In the beginning I was pretty strict but later I catched everything that seemed relatively context-spanning. So it is not only grammar but also "function words", "functional words", and even "general phrases",
  • Where possible, I tried to sort in each point according to its name, its translations, its functions, and its grammatical role.
  • After the Grammar Guide was gone I could not check grammatical categories - so there might be mistakes in those categories.
  • As the production process took several months and there will probably be some small inconsistencies in the list.

I will post it in chunks. I hope it  works now...

Please wait with comments until I entered the final "Z"-part.

I hope the transfer works...Have fun!

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