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Is there a way to cut and paste words from Adobe Acrobat reader into MS Word?

Posted by meir December 27, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I wanted to cut and paste a few words from the Intro 1 PDF (Newbie lesson #1). This way not only could i make a short vocab list to go but I can also paste a phrase into a chat dialog box to get help with pronunciation. Unfortunately, when I try to copy and paste a phrase it comes out as either gibberish for the characters or if it is in pinyin then all of the tone marks are off to the left of the letters as if the tone is a separate letter that comes before the letter it is over. 

This doesn't happen if I cut and paste Mandarin characters or pinyin from a web page into Word or a chat dialog box.

I have Office 2003 and Asian characters installed in Windows XP.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (Dare I hope)



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