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Question about Chinesepod+skritter?

Posted by Schalander January 29, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

From what I understand there is some kind of cooperation between chinesepod and skritter, and that there should be some kind of integration function?

There is supposed to be some way to add words from chinesepod to skritter, but I cant find the button, and please please please tell me there is a button to autoadd all words from your chinesepod wordlist, autocreating a new skritter vocablist with the same name as the label-name of your words list...please please please. 

Dont tell me I have to first download the words from chinese pod and reupload them to skritter, because in that case, I dont really see where the "integration" part" is.

I dont know where to ask this, so I will ask both at skritter and Chinesepod. Twice the chance of getting a good answer^^

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