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Learning before bed boosts recall

Posted by nicknerd March 27, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

I read an article on lifehacker today that I thought would be interesting to those, like me, learning Chinese.

Here's an excerpt:

"The study in question asked participants to memorize related word pairs (e.g., circus – clown) and unrelated word pairs (e.g., cactus – brick). Some participants learned the words at 9am, some at 9pm. The 9pm crowd went to sleep shortly after learning the words. The 9am crowd did not.

The results: Sleep made no difference when participants were asked to recall the related words, but when participants were asked to recall unrelated word pairs, the 9pm group—the group that slept right after learning—did significantly better."

It seems like the unrelated word pairs is very much in line with matching an English word and a Chinese word. So maybe study before bed would help boost retention? Here's a link to the entire article, although there's not much more in it than what was posted above:



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