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Wo3 ting1 shuo1 le5 / 我听说了

Posted by laowai_laizheli April 3, 2012 in the Group I Have a Question .


I heard my mandarin speaking wife say today on the telephone with another person,

"Wo3 ting1 shuo1 le5 (我听说了)" meaning something like, "I heard" or "I heard it already" or about like that.

I have heard other usages of ting1 (听) such as ting1 guo4 (过) which also means "I heard."

I would like to figure out a good way of when to use ting1 shuo1 le (听说了) and when to use ting1 guo4 (听过).


I asked my wife about this, and she said you can use ting1 shuo1 le (听说了) if you are dealing with news or stories, like if somebody asks you if you heard the latest news you could say that you heard it in this manner.

I then asked her does this include scientific concepts?  Like has anyone heard Micho Kaku's latest theory on Dark Matter and she said no, I cannot use ting1 shuo1 le (听说了) but I must use ting1 guo4 (听过) for that type of situation.


As the character shuo1 说 implies, ting1 shuo1 le (听说了) would not apply to noises like gunshots, fireworks, sirens, or non-speaking sounds.


Does anyone have more information about these two usages of ting1 听?




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