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Help organizing daily schedule

Posted by root April 3, 2012 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi guys, 

I am hoping to draw on the collective organizational skills of all the podders'.

Having started learning three years ago, with a modest plan of one lesson per day, I found myself having failed miserably.  I probably finished about 120 lessons in this time, but I want to get back on that track.

I find my greatest weakness is organizing the lesson and review mp3s into a daily routine.  Similar to a pimsleur system, I want to have a daily playlist, with one lesson, and 4 review sessions in it, resulting in about 45 minute investment.

now for the question:

Is there any way to use the chinesepod website to create a set of playlists like this, and then sync them to the iPhone automatically?

I have tried doing it on the main PC, but found it cumbersome, and difficult to sync, hence I am looking for a way to do it via the website.  I feel this lack of organization is one of the major barriers to adherence to the study plan.  Can you share any ideas, guys?

I see there is a Course functionality, but I don't see a way for myself to create a custom course.  I imagine this would be what I need, but I don't really know, has anyone tried the course thing?

Thanks y'all!

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