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Car Crash Quiz

Posted by tamutom June 13, 2012 in the Group General Discussion.

Exercise score = 95%, 40/42 points.

Only missed two dictation sentences.

I wrote 真倒霉,今天我的新车被人种了 instead of 真倒霉,今天我的新车被人撞了I typed zhong instead of zhuang and selected the character zhǒng (kind/type/race/breed/seed/species) or zhóng (to plant/to cultivate) instead of zhuàng (to hit/to strike/to meet by accident/to run into/to bump against/bump into). Of course, what I was mistakenly thinking was zhǒng (swollen), which I also got wrong in the next sentence, but which made no sense in this sentence.

I wrote 我昨天被一只虫子咬了。小很种 instead of 我昨天被一只虫子咬了,手很肿Listening to手很肿, I thought I was hearing some version of “a little swollen,” instead of remembering “hand very swollen.” So I wrote xiǎ (small/tiny/few/young) instead of shǒu (hand/convenient). Then I followed it with zhǒng instead of zhǒng (swollen).

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