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lesson on "save"

Posted by pistagn September 14, 2012 in the Group General Discussion.

Are there any lessons on the different concepts of 'save/saving'?  For example, You can 'save' money at the store when things are on discount; you can 'save' money in the bank; you can 'save' youself the trouble of doing it yourself; you can 'save' for a rainy day... etc.

these are the characters that come to mind... (but I am not sure under what circumstances each are used, or if there is an easy way to remember each)

攒(钱)also 攒够了



Thanks for any help!

Example sentences -

I am saving up to buy a house.

I have $10000 saved in the bank.

If you do it in order you will save time.

I want to save it for a rainy day.



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