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How to display pinyin for hanzi in Word on a Mac?

Posted by DaveCragin December 27, 2012 in the Group I Have a Question .



In Windows XP, you can highlight characters and Word will give the pinyin for each.

Is there an easy way to do this with Word on a Mac?

I set up the Mac so I can enter pinyin to type hanzi.  I need the reverse, i.e., for Word to display pinyin for hanzi.

(This works as a good study tool, i.e., when I get an e-mail in hanzi, I first try to read the characters.  If I can't, I copy it into Word and read the message in pinyin.  This way, I'm thinking in Chinese.  The last resort is google translate.  Google will give pinyin, but I prefer the way Word does it).  

(if you need instructions on switching in & out of hanzi in Windows, I can provide it.  It's easy & requires no extra software. 很方便).  

谢谢!(I originally posted this to the wrong forum)

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