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Best Chinese Synonyms book?

Posted by rabaka_g October 29, 2013 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi.  I've got about 1500 characters under my belt, and lately my most common problem is working out the subtle differences between all the new words I'm learning 比方说 立刻和马上; 提议和建议。Because a dictionary pretty much provides the same definition, I need another reference to understand the difference.

I've researched and found the following books:

1700 Groups of Frequently Used Chinese Synonyms 

Chinese Synonyms Usage Dictionary by Teng Shou-hsin 

The 2nd one seems the best to me, however I can't read traditional characters so I don't think I'll get this one.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for a book to thoroughly explain the differences between synonyms?

Thanks a lot


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