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Listing my "studied" lessons

Posted by thomco December 1, 2013 in the Group General Discussion .

Is there no easy way to search for, or get a list of, all lessons I have marked "studied"?

The only way I have found is to go the library, and list all the courses by channel and academic level.  The lesson listing here will show a green checkbox next to any studied lessons.

This method is very inefficient, as you need to may pages of lessons - just to see all of the Newbie lessons.  Then repeat the process for Elementary, Intermediate, etc.

Is there some other way to list these lessons that I have not found?

On the dashboard, there is a "Progress Tab".  That page shows overall progress of studies lessons.  This would be a great place to add a link.  i.e. where is says I have studied 45 Newbie lessons, that could be a link that shows me those 45 lessons.




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