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Is good marks more important than good communication ability?

Posted by wangyanyi February 2, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

hello everyone!!

I'm here to bring all of you the controversial issue in universities in China, especially in English department of some universiities.

Take the students in the English department in my university as an example, when we're having oral English lesson. My teacher from Britain always says,'' oh! that's a big challenge for me!" do you know why?? because most of the students will never give the teacher their feedback. They just listen and learn. That's different from western class style,right?  To my teacher's surprise, the students who are always quiet could get high marks in any other subject, such as English writing,etc.

And I'm focusing on this point and doing some research about it.

Could you please give me your answers towards these questions?

any comments are welcomed as well~~

SURVEYAge_________                     Nationality_______________       Occupation_____________1.       Good mark shows____[i1] A. rich knowledge  in a certain area      B. exam skills     C. comprehensive ability  D. other_____2.       Good communication ability shows______[i2] A. good communication skill         B. good character          C. fluent language   D. other______3.       In practical career, which is more important, good mark or good communication ability?A. Mark  B. communication ability   C. neither4.       Please choose two qualities that talents must have______ _______(pick up[i3]  only 2 choices)A. good mark         B. good communication ability      C. moral fiber D. good characterE. team spirit         F. hard work          G. innovation          H. ability to finish the taskI. psychological quality         J. other______5.       Nowadays, we could see that Chinese people become more and more successful in the world stage. In your opinion, what is the talent that we lack?A. faith           B. innovation          C. practice ability          D. individualism     E. other______  Thank you for your cooperation.(^_^)

 [i1]Suggest use “high score” instead of mark. Also should specify in what event the score was acquired.
 [i2]Suggest smooth communication skills
 [i3]Use select

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