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Translating a shirt

Posted by meir July 24, 2014 in the Group I Have a Question.

Hi again everyone,

At a blood drive I got a shirt that stated " I gave blood" in a few different languages. I looked forward to finally learning enough Chinese to translate my shirt. However, playing around with my dictionary and low level skills, whereas I might have thought it would be我给血  Wǒ gěi xuè    ,

it says:


我是献血者   Wǒ shì xiàn xiě zhě
doesn't that mean
 "I am a blood donor" instead?


Also, should there really be a measure word in there such as :


我是一个献血者   Wǒ shì yīgè xiàn xiě zhě
or is no measure word necessary?
Would saying " I gave blood " be an 
awkward way of saying it in Chinese
and that's why they put
 "I am a blood donor" instead?
(That is if I translated it correctly ).
I have attached an image of the shirt 
so you can see for yourself and let me
 know if I am even close in my


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