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Firefox AND MSIE issues

Posted by marchey February 11, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .


For the last few days a great part of this website has become unusable for me and I really mean unusable. The issues are:

 1. In Firefox the flash playack of the sentences in the dialogue section as well as in the expansion section breaks easily, especially after enlarging the font size by using Ctrl + Scrolling Wheel. Once it is broken it remains so until rebooting the PC.

2. So I reluctantly started using MSIE for this website. But there I found there is another issue: the popups with the large size characters + pinyin + translation are supposed to appear close to the word you indicate. However, this only seems to work when you look at the page in normal size. Once you enlarge the view (again by using Ctrl + Scrolling Wheel) the popup seems to get unstuck, displaying lower and lower and ultimately on a non-visible part of the page.

I want to raise the alarm on both these issues. For the record, I am in charge of a helpdesk for 1.300 PC users in a governemental organisation. We are used to dealing with this kind of problem. I have  tried to find a solution, I have also consulted with several people of my 10+ staff. We perceive this as a real problem. Unfortunately, I can't track down the root of the problem. I just hope that someone else can because this is the kind of annoying stuff that drives away potential customers. So CPod, please have a look into this and at least document it. 

For the firefox problem: I know not everybody seems to suffer from this problem. I suspect it has to do with some sort of incompatibility between different components. If someone has a clue, please tell me.


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