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Pronunciation Perplexion

Posted by guikeli February 18, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I have noticed that Hua2 ren2 don't always say the "g" of characters ending in "-ng." For example, when I lived in Taibei for a month I noticed that when they told me to "kai1 leng3qi4," it would come out like "kai1 len3qi4." Also, when people say "sheng1bing4" it sounds like they are saying "shen1bing4." Shen1 and sheng1 are two different words, so are they pronounced the same way? It makes for great confusion. In another instance, "deng3 yi1xia4" sounds like "den3 yi1xia4."So if there is a "ng" in PinYin, why do Chinese people leave it off and don't say it?

Is this the right way to pronounce characters ending with "-ng" and should I pronounce it this way all the time?



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