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Rest in Peace, Lydia Shum (肥肥; 1945 - 2008)

Posted by auntie68 February 20, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I am fighting back tears as I type this post about the death, on Tuesday 19 February 2008, of Lydia Shum (a.k.a. 肥肥), an actress/comedian who brought so much joy to so many Chinese people -- all over the world -- during the course of her long career that stretched from the days of "black & white" film, to a final, award-winning TV career in this century in a smash-hit English-language sitcom named after her. Even if you don't know her by name, you might have known her by her horn-rimmed spectacles, her "round" figure, and -- in early years -- her beehive. Even Singaporeans who were too young to have watched films from her Cantonese film career, or did not speak Cantonese (or were even Malay or Indian or "other"), couldn't help falling in love with her portrayal of a very lovable character named "Lydia Lum" in an English-language sitcom called "Living with Lydia".

Here is a Hollywood Reporter article that describes her life and career so much better than I could ever dream of doing:


I am posting this in case any CPOD members know who she is, and feel like posting something about this extraordinary woman. Please don't post if you are too impossibly cool to have anything nice to write about Lydia Sum. 

Rest in peace, Lydia.  

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