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Learning Mandarin as a Family

Posted by sballa February 20, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi all.  I am curious as to whether there are other ChinesePod users out there who are learning Mandarin together with their families.  If there are, it might be interesting (and helpful!) to trade stories and strategies for making it work for the entire family.  For example, what are the kinds of words and phrases that kids are especially likely to latch onto and incorporate into their speech?  How do parents keep it fun for both themselves and their kids?  In general, I think ChinesePod is a great tool for family learning, as the relevant dialogues and character acting in the podcasts seem to resonate, with my kids at least.  My ten-year old still walks around saying "hǎo ba" in a real whiny voice after a long-ago podcast on getting one's kids to put on more clothes when its cold out.  (The problem is, he doesn't remember or use any of the other vocab from the lesson!)

Anyways, just curious as to whether there are any others out there on the same fun family journey as the four of us.



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