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Posted by cassielin February 20, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi everyone,

I am going to share something new about horse with you guys today.

First,千里马qian1li3ma3=swift horse

If you say someone is 千里马 that means he or she is a talent.

Second, 伯乐bo2le4=a good judge of talents

here is a Chinese idiom,伯乐相马bo2le4 xiang4ma3

the word相 in the idiom means look for, it is a verb.

“世有伯乐,然后有千里马。千里马常有,而伯乐不常有。”by 韩愈hanyu, a famous litterateur, philosopher in Tang Dynasty. 

shi4 you3 bo2le4, ran2hou4 you3 qian1li3ma3, qian1li3ma3 chang2you3, er2 bo2le4 bu4 chang2you3.

That means we have talents and good judge of talents in this world, but there are many talents while seldom good judge of talents.

The last one is黑马hei1ma3=dark horse / unexpected winner

他成为这场比赛的黑马。ta1 cheng2wei2 zhe4chang3 bi3sai4 de hei1ma3.

He became the unexpected winner in this game.


Hope you guys will like it and i really hope you guys can give me your feedback.



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