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The Fix: a confusing name??

Posted by John February 25, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Premium subscribers have access to "The Fix," an audio file that pushes you to practice the new vocbulary from the lesson. It's not mindless listen-and-repeat, though. You hear the English first, and then you're supposed to say the corresponding Chinese word. After a brief pause, you hear the correct translation in Chinese, which either confirms your answer or gives you the right answer.

Lots of users have raved about this feature, but we do get one complaint over and over again: before you try it out, you have no idea what it is. The name gives you no clue as to what it is or what it's for. Many users have requested that we change the name, and we are now ready to do just that.

What name would you use? We're leaning toward something simple, like Audio Review. It's not very punchy, but at least it's clear. We would like to avoid the word "drill" because you're not just listening and repeating, and "drill" seems to imply very little brainpower is involved (mental translation is work!).

Please let us know what names you would prefer!  We're listening...

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