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have time...?? to help ;-)?

Posted by gesang February 29, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey there,

i have a question about "you3 shi2 hou"... for me its always like saying "if i have time", and mostly it fits more or less  (Like "if i have time, i read books", and "sometimes i read books" ).  is it wrong to think this way, i mean is this chinese phrase generally used for "sometimes" , also to say " its sometimes raining here" or  "at work i am sometimes bored" (because in these two examples the "if i have time" translation is not working...

well, i found other "sometimes" in the dictionary, but its always the same with the dictionary..you know the translation of a word but not how to use it...so this is why i try it this way!  

hope to get some good advice! thanks, Gesang 

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