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Recommendations for short term language school in Beijing wanted

Posted by user31925 May 8, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .


I would be very interested in any recommendations on a short-term summer Mandarin program in Beijing. Based upon my web research there are an overwhelming number of programs. Which to choose???? If  you know of a very good program in Beijing (or elswhere) I would be very interested. Below is some information about me and what I'm looking for. 





I am a retired professor of physics and mathematics. Over the past three summers, I have taught English pronunciation at short term summer programs at institutions in Wuhan, Rizhao, and Shunde, Guang Dong. This summer I will return to Shunde again to work with Chinese high school teachers of English. At the conclusion of that program, I wish to remain in China for an additional month to study (August).


I have already studied Mandarin for two semesters at a community college. However, I have forgotten much of it. While I can say a few simple things, I cannot readily understand the responses. At this point, I would guess that I can read about 200 characters (however they come and go). My goal for the program would be to get to the point where I can hold simple, practical conversations, read a menu, etc.


I am interested in reading and speaking/listening, somewhat interested in grammar, and not interested in handwriting Chinese characters (I can already use a computer for that) nor studying Chinese culture. (However, I would enjoy  erhu lessons as an elective course.)


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