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Chinese Textbook 3rd grade...

Posted by henning March 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Yesterday I had the chance to run over the pages of the Chinese language textbook of my nephew (3rd grade). I was able to read the exercise questions, but regarding the answers I was way below 20%.

Types of questions included:

Choose the correct character (from collections of 4 homonym characters).

Write the characters for a word given in Pinyin 

Build trees of characters - the top node is given, below you need to generate 2 new ones which expand the root character with one radical (2 levels)

Name the opposite (opposite of "frolic"?)

Assign words to blanks in the text (there is a character for "provisions"!) 


I was quite surprised how many of the characters in discussion I saw for the very first time. For the majority of the rest  I at least had the feeling I saw those before. The same holds true for the vocab. Never encountered those before (yes, new "characer points" are definately on the way - I just do not have enough time here in my Beijing holiday).


A humbling experience. 

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