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Flash Based Vocabulary: A Major Step Backwards

Posted by billglover March 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Whilst the new layout of the vocab pages undoubtedly looks nicer, I feel that comes at the expense of usability. My gut reaction to the new layout is that it is a major step backwards. Why, oh why is there a need to use flash for everything? My issues are these:

  • Unable to Copy & Paste Vocabulary
  • Unable to download audio for off-line flashcards
  • Unable to view vocab lists on my phone 

I can live without seeing the vocab on my phone, but not being able to copy and paste vocab into offline lists is a real step backwards. I used to copy the vocab for each lesson and add the words to iFlash along with the audio. Even in the age of the iPhone many of us are not connected 24/7 and need to be able to study off-line.

ChinesePod, please can you restore the old layout, or improve the export facility, or show my that Flash adds a much needed step forward in the learning process. A lot of the improvements made are welcome, but one thing continues to concern me and that is the fact that there is an increasing tendency to assume that we are all able to access the internet to do our study.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this? 

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