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周恩来Zhou Enlai (Chou Enlai)

Posted by cassielin March 11, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi guys,

I am back.

It has been a long time no post something new here.

Today i want to share something about the late previous premier zhou周总理。


March 5th,2008 is the 110th anniversary of Zhou Enlai's birth.

诞辰dan4chen2={Formal} birthday    It's a kind of respectfully saying.


已故yi3gu4=the late        总理zong3li3=premier/prime minister 

前总理qian2 zong3li3=the previous premier


Premier Zhou is my favorest leader. He was in charge of the foreign affairs and he has amazing personality and social ability. We Chinese people all respect him。我们所有的中国人民都尊敬他。  Here comes the word 尊敬zun1jing 4=respect.

<img src="http://vod3.gamesoft.com.cn/vod/upphoto/photo_200611694008.jpg"></img>

<img src="http://drama.tvsou.com/forenotice_images/2006422/small_news_pic3891.jpg"></img>

<img src="http://photocdn.sohu.com/20060106/Img241316110.jpg"></img>

The third picture was in my chinese modern history book when i was a high school student.  That picture has a very important historical meaning and it remind us when the Sino-America foreign affairs was set up.

外交事务wai4jiao1 shi4wu4=foreign affairs



Hope you guys can feel free to share .

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