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Posted by cotroxell March 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I was looking up the word for "high school" on the nciku dictionary (which is very useful if you haven't seen it), and came across this sentence. 这是我们这里最好的一所高中。  It's one of the best high schools here

 I don't exactly understand how this sentence is constructed.  I think that 这里 is the counter for referring to a place (at least according to this dictionary), and i'm assuming that 一所 is the counter for gaozhong.  But if that's right, then why are there two counters for one word?  Why wouldn't it be 这所?And if that's not right, then what's going on here?    If you can't tell, I'm ridiculously  confused.   Someone with grammatical understanding superior to mine, please help!



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