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Posted by cassielin March 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi everyone,

Today i am  going to share a very useful sentence structure with you guys.


Do you know how to express something that is unforgettable?


Here comes the expression.


难忘的nan2wang4de=unforgettable /memorable  


It is a 形容词xing2rong2ci2=adjective


最难忘的......zui4 nan2 wang4 de......=the most unforgettable / memorable   


最zui4=the best     Which means the superlative degree


Okay, here comes the questions for you guys.


你最难忘的(一个)人是谁?ni3 zui4 nan2wang4 de (yi1ge4)ren2 shi4 shui2?=Who is your most  unforgettable person?


你最难忘的(一首)歌是什么?ni3 zui4 nan2wang4 de (yi1shou3) ge1 shi shen2me?=What is your most unforgettable song?


你最难忘的(一件)事是什么?ni3 zui4 nan2wang4 de (yi1jian4) shi4 shi4 shen2me?=What is your most unforgettable thing?


你最难忘的(一个)地方是哪里?ni3 zui4 nan2wang4 de (yi1ge4) di4fang1 shi na3li?=where is your most unforgettable place?


Okay, those words in the brackets above are measure words.


一个 for a people /place etc     

一首 for a song / poem

一件 for a thing / clothes etc        一件东西/一件衣服 等等=etc


Hope you guys will like it and feel free to share.


Hope you guys can try your best to use Chinese. Don't be shy!





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