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Fill-in-the-blanks bug

Posted by nevermind March 15, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I do not know whether this issue has been discussed already, if so, I apologize. But, doing the Fill-in-the-blanks exercise,  whenever I hit the "view score" button, I get results like 4/5 or 0/6, though my answers were 100% correct (I double checked.). Besides, an outcome like 4/5 should be impossible considering the very nature of the exercise. Am I the only one experiencing this glitch? This problem doesn't seem to be browser/OS- dependent. I wouldn't pay to much attention to it, yet how can I trust the correction when I work on a high level lesson?

I know you all must be extremely busy, but I'd really appreciate any effort to fix this.

Another thing I've noticed - a lot of the older lessons have a size of 0mb, according to the links. But they play/open properly nevertheless. I'm afraid this bug will put off those who won't take chances...

By the way, Jenny, Ken, John and the rest of the CP staff and community - I owe you so much. (Pure propaganda and appeasement ;-) )


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