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ChinsePod Flashcard lists for Plecodict

Posted by ste5en March 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I recently purchased Plecodict for my Pocket PC. One of the reasons I bought it is its automated flashcard feature for learning Hanzi characters. You can create lists of characters, and there are automated ways to review them until you learn them. But creating these lists takes time - you need to add each character individually.

However, Plecodict has a feature that lets you import character lists that have been created by third parties. My question is, has anyone create such lists? For example, I'm just about finished with the Elementary section of ChinesePod, but I don't yet know most of the characters. It would be ideal for me if someone had created a Plecodict list of all the new characters introduced in the Elementary lessons or in subsets of those lessons - or even leparate lists for new characters introduced in each lesson. I'd also be interested in lists for Intermediate and other lesson levels.

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