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Help! Mac Software to type chinese more convenient ????

Posted by gesang March 29, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .


I am looking for a way to type chinese faster on my Mac Powerbook. There is already a programm installed, but its very complicated.. There are always up to 40 possible characters to choose in the little pop up after typing the pinjin (syllable by syllable)...and they are terrible tiny, too!!!  

if i want to write in chinese characters now, i always use an "type chinese online" applet. in this applet the more frequent characters will come up first and it even recognises words with more syllables  (type laoshi in one word and get 老师  as first match..think most of you know what i mean...)

So my question is: Does everyone know a programm to install on Mac computers where typing will be as convenient as in those applets? for free :-)?? so i wont have to copy and past every word i want to type...?

Thanks for help, Gesang 

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