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关于中文或汉语(about chinese)

Posted by hemu April 5, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

首先,我要对大家说,我是一个中国人。(Fisrt of all. I want to talk you  that  I'm a chinese.)

看到世界上有这么多人在学汉语,心里非常高兴。就想和大家一起来谈谈中国,让你,还有我更好地认识中国,了解中国的文化。假如你在学习中有什么困难,我很乐意并全力帮助你。(I am glad that there are many men stusying chinese. so I  would like talk about  china.then  make  you and I  more know and understand China and chinese culture.  If  you have some problems  in learning  chinese ,I will be glad and do my best  to help you .)

我的邮箱地址是:hemulyg@163.com      (My e-mail adress:hemulyg@163.com)

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