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Posted by goulnik April 8, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I posted in some comments in Chinese this morning under the intermetiate Detroit lesson, wondering why most of the comments were in English rather than Chinese , and the interest revolving around US cities (ok, that was the topic of the day).

This is echoing what very few others have said before,  but got quite some pushback, not to mention endless repeated debates around the issue of learning Chinese characters or not.

One of the responses I gave to the focus being to improve oral skills over writing / reading skill is that I strongly believe one thing writing (in Chinese) helps you with is thinking in Chinese, which helps formulate thoughts and ultimately speak Chinese, a necessary need mirroring listening and understanding.

Since the podcast medium is essentially one way, I guess we should make the most of the blog / conversation channel to reciprocate, something I tried to illustrate below:

And I don't see any reason why simple sentences couldn't be produced from the outset, certainly from Elementaty onwards. As a by-product, we would get much shorter rambling ;-) but much quicker exposure to language generation.

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