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How do you know when you are eating real Chinese Food?

Posted by wolson April 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I loved Bazza's post on Addiction to Chinese. Therefore, I thought I might create some more trouble. http://chinesepod.com/connections/viewpost/bazza/connect/You+know+you%27re+addicted+to+learning+Chinese+when...


When there is are more than 4 dishes of food on the table, at least one of which you have never eaten before, and so much food that no one could possibily finish it all.


I have several more ideas for this thread but I will let others get a few shots in.


I just have two wonderful Chinese meals in Hangzhou today. What I ate, I have almost no idea... but it was very good! Yes I know one was fish, one was beef (I think), and there was duck and ... But I have no idea what they were called in English or Chinese and probably can never order them again. 很好吃,很好喝,所以我吃饱了。

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