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Casie? What happened?

Posted by light487 April 17, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey! :)


I just noticed that the "To My Dear ChinesePOD" topic is no longer accessible because Casie's profile is now been private. I can see that she has updated her profile image. Perhaps she has accidentally made her profile private not realising what effect it has on the threads started by her.


Perhaps this is actually a bug in and of itself? Sure someone who has a private profileshould still be allowed to create public conversations and still remain as a private profile. Anyway.. this is the only way I know of to to write to Casie to find out if she intended for this to occur?


I don't mind if you want to have your profile private, just curious why I can no longer access the conversation and whether or not she really intended to go private or not..


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