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Holiday In Shanghai

Posted by light487 April 20, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Heyas! :)


I am so excited about learning mandarin that I want to go to Shanghai and check the place out. I can see the airfares are quite affordable but the next thing is to decide how long to go for and where to stay?


I don't really go in for the whole tourist attractions thing, so once I get there I will want to do a lot of wandering and do my own thing but would like to spend a little time checking out decent cultural highlights.. so not necessarily the main tourist attractions but more so the places where cultural things occur.. like at the Insect Markets that were the subject of a Dear Amber episode.


Also.. is 4 days too short? is 14 days too long? I don't want to get bored because I am there too long with not a lot to do, other than the normal things I can do in any city. I was thinking about 5 days should be enough but others might think I would want to stay longer..? The accommodation packages available seem to be quite cheap considering I am not much of high-roller and don't care for too many luxuries. Thought I don't like the idea of 36 hour hard-seat trains.. haha.. :)

I would think that with all the Olympic stuff happening in Beijing, I should be able to get some pretty good deals at the same time in Shanghai..

Anyway.. comments?


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