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Usage of 一叶障目

Posted by GreyPhoenix April 22, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello Cpodders! I need your help with something. I recently ran across the phrase 一叶障目 (yi1 ye4 zhang4 mu4), meaning to "have one's view of the important overshadowed by the trivial." This sounds like a very useful phrase, so I'm wondering how to use it in a sentence, and also how common or uncommon its usage is in China.


For example, could I say to a friend, "You've lost your view of what's really important in life" using this phrase? I'm also curious if this is sometimes used as a common way of offering advice or sympathy. For example, if a friend loses his job, could you encourage them to 不要一叶障目?


Any input or examples would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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