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"The Think System"

Posted by wei1xiao4 May 6, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

If any of you have had the opportunity to see the old American musical "The Music Man", Professor Harold Hill, who is a con man, convinces the people of a small town that he can teach their children to play instruments if they just believe they can and hum the song they want to play over and over again.  He calls it "The Think System". 

Today, as I was reviewing old Chinesepodcasts that I have listened to numerous times before, I was wondering why I wasn't recalling more of the vocabulary and grammar that I have heard so many times before.  When John and Jenny discuss the words or the phrases, they sound like old friends. I often know what is going to be said next, but I can't say that "The Think System" is working for me yet. For me it takes so much more effort.  So I got to wondering if listening again and again to the same podcasts is working for anyone else.  Does "The Think System" work for spoken Chinese or even listening comprehension.  If you listen enough, do those Chinese phrases, those patterns eventually become part of your speech?  Certainly children hear speech patterns over and over again before they actually speak.  Has anyone experienced the breakthrough yet?

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