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Finally Making Some Progress

Posted by user40719 May 15, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I am a nurse who works in New York City and have been studying since March of this year with little live speaking experience. I have two Mandarin speaking co-workers who tolerate well my pestering questions. Yesterday, we were visiting an elderly Chinese couple with a Mandarin speaking home attendant who spoke no English. I was left alone with the home attendant while my co-worker went to interview the couple. I was akwardly asking some basic information and got stuck on the phrase: "How long have you been here?  For no apparent reason, I was suddenly shot with blinding insight and asked as if I had known all along: "Nı dai le duojiu le?"  All it takes is one moment to breakdown the barriers.  Thanks to ChinesePod  my life will never be the same

 Ed Nolan

A Newbie with Confidence

P.S. Some other health related Newbie lessons would be helpful.  Who else out there works in healthcare?

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